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Big Event to Clarify the Science of Cigars!

Big Event to Clarify the Science of Cigars!

Three medical doctors who are cigar brand owners are about to drop a Truth Bomb on the regulatory community!

FDA Regulations are set to destroy a vital segment of our industry.

The future of the premium cigar industry is 100% the hands of small family owned companies. The concept of boutique should be loved and respected. The average boutique cigar company, member of the BCAA is producing roughly 2000 premium cigars a week.

Small companies cater to niche markets, select clientele, and really represent the art of cigars in a way that is special and personal. Boutique is a concept which defines face to face interactions ... Owner to consumer ... Truly a beautiful scenario that defines our premium cigar segment. It's intimate.

Each and every family owned cigar shop or lounge is in essence a boutique. This is why the term boutique is so applicable to our industry. On one end you have families making cigars, and on the other end you have families offering them to patrons/connoisseurs.

The entire industry is in essence resting in the nurturing hands of families and individuals that are passionate about the craft. These people are responsible, love the art of cigars, cater to an adult clientele, and all love the history of our cigar culture.

Our Federal Regulators should understand and value what small family owned businesses like ours bring to the table. The logic lies here .... And hear me out.

If you take a family owned restaurant that serves good home cooked meals and shut them down due to onerous regulations, a McDonalds I guarantee will replace it. Regulations only feed the corporate giants that don't care about the culture, they only care about their profit and loss statements and answering to shareholders at any expense. I'm not against big business, I am against putting small business out of business.

Let's be clear. If FDA Regulations wipe out the family owned boutique cigar segment of our industry, the corporate giants will take over, form monopolies (as they are already) and own the entire segment. With their deep pockets they will not only take over the boutique segment, they will grown it 10 fold over time. How does this make any sense to our "government" that cares so much about our health.

It's time our Federal Regulators do everything they can to protect our historic premium cigar industry and culture and all the families that are a part of it. The way to truly protect the public is to leave the industry in the hands of family owned boutique cigar makers.

Our family, our staff, our distributors, our retailers, all depend on the income we generate from our businesses. We all love what we do, and we should not lose the right to continue to do business as it has been done for over 245 years in this country.

The fate of the premium cigar industry lies in the hands of our regulators and in us to make certain our voices are heard. I urge each and every one of you to copy and share this post.
The heartbeat of the premium cigar industry lies in the families that comprise our industry. Small business can not afford the burdensome regulations that are being forced on our segment of combustible tobacco products. The majority of family owned businesses will go out of business.

Leaving a wide open marketplace for publicly traded corporate giants to come in and implement they aggressive business models which seek to grow, grow, and grow in order to answer to share holders.

If the FDA thinks premium cigars are a problem now, putting family owned boutiques out of business will only augment the problem 10 fold. In any industry when there is a void, a corporate giant comes in a fills it quickly. Let us keep our industry small and intimate and where it belongs, in the hands of people and families, not publicly traded corporate giants. Let us enjoy our craft, let us exercise our right to live in a free country and do business as has been done for over 2 centuries.

Boutique is a philosophy, much much deeper than these statements I have written. It's a way of living, a way of doing business, a way of curating a product that is intimate. When the phone on my desk rings and it's a retailer calling, I answer the phone. No layers, just a family in love with their business, their products, and delivering quality caring service for their customers.

That's boutique, let's preserve and protect this beautiful segment of our industry. If you destroy the family owned boutique segment, you have destroyed the future of the premium cigar industry. The love, passion, and heartbeat of the industry will disappear. I won't let that happen, we cannot let that happen.

Please tune in on December 07, 2021 as we discuss this even further. The science of premium cigars and why we are different than all other combustible tobacco products. Premium cigars are not the problem.

Tune in - I promise it will be powerful !

Dr. Gaby Kafie
"Let's protect family owned boutique cigar companies".


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